SDSM will join the mass protest in front of the Constitutional Court which has been organized by various civil society organizations, announced today Zoran Zaev, the leader of the SDSM party.

He said the shameful decisions of the Constitutional Court are another example of party affiliation within the judiciary, and their attempt to bring back amnesty for electoral fraud and other electoral crimes.

“The chaos in the voters’ list confirms what was said in the “Truth about Macedonia”. Nikola Gruevski and VMRO-DPMNE, not only did they steal taxpayers’ money, but they stole the citizens fundamental right to a vote freely, the freedom of choice. Their intention to bring back the Amnesty Law for electoral crimes threatens the foundations of the legal and constitutional order upon Macedonia’s statehood. The basic principle of democracy is the rule of law and the law must apply to everyone equally. Anyone who violates the law must be held accountable”, said Zaev.

He urged citizens to stand together in defense of the Constitution and the constitutional order of Macedonia.

“Tomorrow, Tuesday, March the 15th, let the civil individual and collective conscience lead the march from Government through Parliament and before the Constitutional Court. Everyone under the flag of Macedonia, together a democratic Macedonia”, said Zaev.