SDSM President and Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev last night reported changes that were made in the party during a meeting of the Central Committee. The new general secretary of the party is Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Ljupco Nikolovski, who will no longer perform this function.

“Gratitude to the three SDSM secretaries, Secretary General Kiracovski, Secretary for Organizational Matters Mile Zecevic, and Secretary for International Cooperation Dane Talevski. I want to thank all six vice-presidents of SDSM who also today are concluding their posts as SDSM vice-presidents, Oliver Spasovski, Frosina Remenski, Damjan Mancevski, Petre Shilegov, Muhamed Zekiri and Blagojce Bocvarski. I want to thank the Executive Board of SDSM who has also concluded its function today, the highest executive body of SDSM”, Zaev said.

The Coordinator of the SDSM Women’s Forum, Cvetanka Laskova, has also concluded her function.

“We started within our own ranks. No one expects the public administration, the executive, the central, the parliamentary, and local government to one hundred percent solve everything, but we expect them to serve honestly and faithfully the citizens. We will continue in the upcoming days where there will be changes in the executive branch, and certainly, after that in two to three weeks, appointments will be made in the SDSM party”, Zaev added.