Zaev: SDSM are ready for elections, and I am ready to be the future Prime Minister


The Social Democratic Union of Macedonia are ready for elections, said the leader of the opposition party, Zoran Zaev in an interview with “Radio Free Europe” and added that if the people decide to give him their support, he would “certainly grab the honour” to be next Prime Minister of the country.

He says that about 65 percent of the electoral program of the SDSM is directed towards the economy, and their focus is aimed at creating new quality jobs with an average salary of 500 euros.

“400 million euros are stolen from the country every year. If only this amount remained in the country, it would have great potential,  it could be used to start paying back the country’s debt, but also for different areas of our society”, said Zaev.

According to Zaev, fair and credible elections are possible if the two conditions of the Pržino Agreement are met –the cleansing of the voters’ list and regulation of the media.

As for freezing the participation of the SDSM MP’s in Parliament, he said this decision was to send a serious appeal to the Constitutional Court to rule on the constitutionality of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office before the summer recess for judges begins.

When asked what will happen to the SPO if the Pržino Agreement were to fail , the SDSM leader said that it could not happen.

“I believe in the Pržino Agreement, and I believe that it won’t fail. The Special Prosecutor’s Office brings a glimmer of hope that justice will return. It is an institution established in consensus by Parliament, the consensus among the political parties, even Katica Janeva has the full support from all the presidents from all the main political parties. Gruevski gave his consent to Katica Janeva, as did I, she was given the opportunity to choose her own personal team for the SPO”, says Zaev.

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