“Today we will discover another corruption scandal which is connected with the Director of UBK Sasho Mijalkov and backed by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski. There are no codes in these talks. Here it is talked about actual amounts and businesses through Russia and Hungary. It is a matter of purchase of equipment for the special police,” said SDSM leader Zoran Zaev at today’s press conference.

According to Zaev, director of UBK asked for commission of half a million euros from the Israeli company.

In the first talk, Mijalkov talks to Svetlana Kostovska for an amount of half a million euros, which “should be given.” In the second conversation with Hain Hakejni from the Israeli company, Kostovska agrees on the percentage for the money to be released. She also tells him that she will go on a trip, but that she can be contacted and they can agree on the commission. He insists to be given a location where he would send the money, and she replies that it is agreed to be paid in three installments.

In the third call, Mijalkov tells Kostovski that he “took care of things.” She thanks him and tells him that she would be obliged her whole life, and further in the conversation, they agree how communication would take place.

In the following interview, Kostovska again talks to Hakejni and he tells her that they changed the bank in Budapest because it was very slow. He tells her that the director gave another account from another bank, and that he will pay the money on Monday.

With an interlocutor, Kostovska discusses the date for the transfer of money. She says they need to talk to the director and would tell him later. Because the director was sick, they agreed to postpone the second transfer.

She agrees with Mijalkov on the commission of 200,000, how the money to be brought and to agree on the details. She explains that she will go to Tel Aviv. She tells him that she “check with Vlatche” that more than 100,000 of the new 480,000 have arrived and that they constantly send money. She asks whether to send the other money, to which Mijalkov replies they should wait.

Zaev said that there is also other evidence for this scandal, involving SMS. In one of the messages Zaev showed read that 480,000 euros were sent. The next message reads that another 840,000 euros were sent to Mijalkov.  text messages between Svetlana Kostovska and Israeli Heim Hakejni

 text messages between Svetlana Kostovska and Israeli Heim Hakejni Israeli was a frequent guest in Macedonia, said Zaev, and said that he came to Macedonia when he transferred the money. The next arrival was arranged through SMS.

Zaev released two previously released recordings of conversations between Jankuloska and Stavreski, which, according to him, confirm that Nikola Gruevski stands behind all of this. In the first conversation, they talk about budget cuts. Jankuloska tells him that she cannot cut from the rate which provides 850 million denars.

Zaev said that it was clear that these funds were used for purchasing equipment for tapping in 2008 and 2011.

– This equipment was obtained for them to wiretap all of us. This is related to another scandal that brings great shame in Macedonia. Each subsequent press conference shows what their intentions were. They were interested only in money and power – stated Zaev.