Zaev’s addressing from Sofia: The Agreement on Good Neighborly Relations shall be signed on Ilinden in Macedonia


Macedonia’s Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev and his host, the Bulgarian Prime Minister, Bojko Borisov, today had talks about bringing closer the stances of both countries regarding the Agreement for Good Neighborly relations, which, as was stated by Zaev after the meeting, will be signed on the 2nd of August i.e. on Ilinden, that will be celebrated together, reports the Bulgarian Agency “BGnes.”

-We had talks about bringing closer both countries’ stances on basis of the Agreement on Good Neighborly Relations and it remains very little and we shall be celebrating Ilinden in Macedonia on the 2nd of August. We agreed to sing the Agreement for a mutual collaboration on that date. Prime Minister Borisov shall visit Macedonia and shall bow in front of the monuments of our joint history. We shall do that for the first time today when we shall bow in front of the monument of Tzar Samuil in Sofia – said Zaev.

The Macedonian Prime Minister stressed that during the meeting it was agreed that the mayors of Sofia and Skopje to name one street after the names of late presidents of both countries i.e. in Skopje to have a name that will bear the name of Želju Željev and in Sofia, Boris Trajkovski.

At the press conference that took place after the meeting with Borisov, Zaev stressed that “our first neighbor has a big desire to help Macedonia in its integration into NATO and in the European Union and at the meeting it was discussed about the assistance and the support that Bulgaria can provide Macedonia in the process of various integrations.

Today, Macedonia is closing another chapter of nationalism and is opening another for a European future. We need help and support, and Bulgaria is doing that – said Zaev.

He said that Bulgaria is on the very top of using EU funds and that this experience of our eastern neighbor will be of great use for Macedonia on its way towards the EU.

-We asked for help with their experience in this domain. The experience that Bulgaria has will be of great advantage for our perspectives, for a solidarity in the European family. We wish to start the negotiations with the European Union and we want to become a member of NATO. Bulgaria as a friend will be of great importance – stressed Zaev.

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