During today’s visit to the municipality of Konche, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev repeated that after 10 months of the mandate he will make a reconstruction of the government.

-Yes, firstly there will be a reconstruction because the number of MPs in the MP group will increase. We are talking with additional MPs. I think we should allow for stabilizing of the Parliament, from more aspects, and I’m hoping that the opposition will return quickly at the parliament but also the total number of MPs from the parliamentary majority should be of better quality in order to avoid breakdowns of sessions, pauses, gathering of MPs etc. I believe that we shall manage to achieve that, and the reconstruction will help that – said Zaev.

According to the prime minister that will happen both in lower and higher echelons of power.

-We expect that reconstructions and changes to happen in certain time periods when all sorts of recapitulations will be made. The number of people within the government that know their work and are making an effort is enormous. Also, it’s the same number of people that are making an effort but they don’t know their work, but are trying and are learning.There are people that are neither trying nor they know their work. We are a public service, and we have been elected to do this, in order to devote as much as we can to serve the citizens’ needs. What we received from them is honor and responsibility which is not granted that often – said Zaev.