Negotiations failed, said SDSM leader Zoran Zaev at today’s press conference.

– Fair and democratic elections with Gruevski as part of the government are not possible. We will continue to act in all ways, legal and democratic. Project “The truth about Macedonia” will continue – said Zaev, who at no time called negotiations “failed” or “stopped”.

In reply to journalists’ questions, Zaev said the international community was informed about this and that if there is a proposal or invitation from there for a new meeting, SDSM will accept to discuss.

Asked what if Gruevski come up with some new proposal, Zaev said that he “has no capacity for democratic proposal, which can be seen from previous negotiations.”

For the latest party ratings poll of IRI, SDSM leader said that “even Gruevski doesn’t believe in it – if he did, he would have accepted elections,” and that “none of the polls are relevant at this point.”

Asked whether he fears that now he can be arrested, Zaev said that “arrest is not important to him.”

For future moves, Zaev said that “we will bring next steps tonight, in consultation with citizens and bodies of the party.”

Reaction from Brussels and all involved in the process of resolving the crisis on this statement of Zaev is expected by the end of the day.