Zaev from Bitola: I’m not a hero or a traitor


Several hundred of Bitola citizens marched tonight on Shirok Sokak after the 19th bomb went off in Bitola, revealing the crime at the local level, electoral manipulations and the set-ups of lustrators. Along with Bitola citizens marched opposition leader Zoran Zaev, who retaliated to the government’s attempt to declare him as traitor.

– Zoran Zaev is not a traitor. Zoran Zaev neither wants to be declared a hero as well. You are the heroes, dear people. With us, you stood on the bumper of the homeland when it is necessary, when our political opponent and enemy of the state, with all the tools and mechanisms, is trying to fully destroy our country. This is no longer a political battle between SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE, this is a fight of the whole libertarian people against the leadership of the government and we all must succeed in this battle together – said Zaev before the citizens of Bitola.

During these words, only a few meters from the stage on which the opposition leader spoke, someone tried to stage an accident. Voices were shouting “fight, fight”. But the security of SDSM calmed the situation. It remains unclear whether the incident was made by members or supporters of the opposition or political opponents.

At the march of the opposition in Bitola tonight marched hundreds of Bitola citizens, it was harshly reacted to any mention of the name Gruevski and his close associates, especially to Zaev’s remark that Bitola citizens have an interesting word for a man who is lost in time and space – the word is zagoritendzhere (burned pot), such is Nikola Gruevski, he said.

In the context of the Government’s attempts declare Zaev as a traitor, the opposition leader said Gruevski rushed several supporters to in a criminal act to file criminal charges against him for high treason. But, as he said, why Gruevski or Jankuloska are not the ones who would file criminal charges against him.

– Putting a signature for high treason is also evidence of false reporting. Do not listen to Gruevski – said Zaev, continuing recapitulation of what so far Gruevski has done with wiretapping of citizens and for the content of published “bombs”.

Sharp speech against the government before Bitola citizens also had LDP leader Goran Milevski, who announced merciless battle against crime from the first day of the formation of the transitional government in the state.

– The transitional government will examine the operation of the most corrupt and will have to confiscate their illegally acquired property – said Milevski.

Criticizing the local authorities in Bitola, he said that even “Bitola genius” Vladimir Taleski will be sent where he belongs.

– With the transitional government, Bitola will get an acting mayor. We’ll send him where he belongs, in order to have a better view on the roundabout, said Milevski, alluding to prison “Black Bridge” in Bitola.

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