Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, in his speech to mark the International Anti-Corruption Day, said that corruptive action is a serious threat to the economy and the overall development of Macedonia. He said that the fight against this evil is a commitment that this government took over, but he also urges citizens to participate in this fight in dealing with this evil, for the good of the country. He assured that nobody will be exempt from the responsibility of corruption.

“Our government, and I, as prime minister, but also all representatives of local government, as well as representatives from the civil sector and the private sector, have the responsibility to deal with serious challenges that corruption poses to us. Corruption is a threat when establishing the rule of law, and we have undertaken an obligation that the rule of law in Macedonia will prevail. Therefore, we must act decisively and with zero tolerance concerning corruption. I also encourage you to actively engage in this joint struggle by reporting corruption without fear of consequences. With this I clearly point out that nobody will be exempt from responsibility”, said Zaev.

He said that the success of the fight against corruption depends on the success of the country.