The assets that will be used from the state budget and diverted to the Macedonian Radio Television (MRTV) will be used for providing an independence of the national service, said the SDSM’s party leader and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev during yesterday’s political rally in Tetovo as part of the local election campaign.

-Up to 80.000 -100.000 accounts are being blocked on a monthly basis due to the payment of the broadcasting fee. We have canceled this fee and no one will receive a bill for the broadcasting fee and have his account blocked.You are paying taxes and from the budget, we shall divert all those assets for the Macedonian Radio-television and they shall be paid at the start of each month between the 1st and the 5th. It will not depend on either Dragan Tevdovski, the Minister of Finance, or Zoran Zaev or anyone that will come after us. There shall be an independent medium, with an independent manager, with independent editors because the independence of other media will depend on the independence of MRTV. If we have an independent media there shall be a consciousness in Macedonia they shall be looking upon matters independently and neither Zaev nor anyone will be able to steal again from the state -said Zaev.