Zaev: The international Community will tell us who is stalling negotiations


Today, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev responded to the question on whether the allegations are true from VMRO-DPMNE that the opposition are blocking the negotiations so they can continue with the publication of more of the so-called “bombs” replied SDSM. He also added that if SDSM wanted to continue with the “bombs” there were not be even sitting at the negotiating table with VMRO-DPMNE.

“I would not like to go into detail about who is to blame here. Finally, the international community will expose whether the process is being blocked and by whom. We, well actually, I have been urging everyone to make the most out of the negotiations because so far we should have already had an electoral legislation and an electoral roll. We should not be making all the important decisions in the last hour. This means there are no principles and that it is not transparent to the citizens”, said Zoran Zaev.

When asked whether the opposition are adamant about their positions Zaev said that SDSM is a rational organization and that we all must go half way to meet any agreement, but he says the red lines have been put in place. He added that if he and Gruevski had to sit down at the negotiating table, it would be only to reach an agreement. Asked why he delayed the inquiry committee in Parliament, which was also to include a debate concerning the intercepted phone conversations  Zaev said that everything has been said by the Przhino Agreement.

“The issue over the name of the function can’t be a problem and be the cause of delay in the negotiations. To me, that’s not a reason to stall the process The name of the committee will be dealt with and stipulated by all the parties who signed the Przhino Agreement”, Zaev said.

The names of potential Ministers to be appointed by the SDSM, are already circulating around in public, Zaev say’s it’s the first he has heard of the matter.

– Should I not, as head of the opposition, not know the names of the new ministers, and these names that are circulating in the media fis the first time I have heard of it We are not entering a transitional government to rule with VMRO-DPMNE, but to be the guarantor of free and fair elections “, said the opposition leader.

For the Albanian party DUI who remains in coalition with VMRO DPMNE demands the working groups to open the Ohrid Framework Agreement of the working groups, Zaev said it would be immoral proceedings.
“DUI, who have been in power for almost eight years in power, now puts the Framework Agreement on the table, and until now has only cared for the employemnt of jobs within the framework. It is unprincipled. But we are at your disposal when it comes to the benefit of citizens”, said Zoran Zaev.

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