The referendum is a responsibility of important state character. All institutions are obliged to cooperate with the State Election Commission (SEC). The government is at your disposal on a principled level and in accordance with the legal authorities, to ensure the realization of the legal requirements of the SEC and we will do that, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev at a meeting with President of the SEC Oliver Derkovski and members of the State Election Commission.

Zaev said that everyone has the responsibility to respond to their duties in a professional manner.

“I believe that everyone knows their professional and humane responsibility for this important process. We are all obliged to do our job professionally,” Zaev said.

Derkovski and members of the SEC stressed that they are working in a professional, financial and economical manner, and that they will continue to do so, in order to fulfill the legal obligations to the people with dignity.

The government press service said that at the meeting they emphasized the importance of the professional and transparent operation of the State Election Commission not just before but on the day of the upcoming referendum, for the trust of all citizens and political subjects in the process.

Also discussed at the meeting was the media campaign regarding the referendum and the need for respecting the legal provisions related to the campaign, as well as the financial means that Parliament needs for its implementation.