On the fringe of the EU Western Balkans Summit, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev held meetings with representatives from the Ohrid Group and Friends and Supporters of Macedonia, led by Sir George Robertson.

The Government’s Office say at the meetings, experienced diplomats and politicians, representatives of several international organizations emphasized the exceptional progress the Republic of Macedonia has made, as well as the historical importance of the agreement reached with the Republic of Greece, which opens the doors to NATO membership and a date for negotiations with the EU.

“Interlocutors at the working meetings agreed that it is of paramount importance that the majority of citizens support EU and NATO membership, and that this is a reason to have optimistic expectations regarding the outcome of the referendum. Lord Robertson, a former NATO Secretary General said at meetings that all members of the Ohrid Group and friends of the Republic of Macedonia supported the letter they sent to the heads of state and governments and EU and NATO member states for a positive decision from the European Council and the announced activation of the invitation to join NATO”, reported the government’s press service.

The EU Western Balkan Summit begins today in London.