“It is possible and it can be accomplished for Macedonia to be a part of a united Europe. The citizens are united like never before about the values that are protecting the human dignity that are guaranteeing equality under the law and justice for all. As a result to this, it will provide an economic stability for the families and a security for the country” said SDSM’s party leader, Zoran Zaev at his addressing on the Day of Europe and the Day of Victory Over Fascism (9th of May).

He also said that Macedonia more than ever needs Europe because it will draw the citizens of our country into a prosperous and hopeful world.

“There are many challenges lying ahead of us for which we will need more effort energy, enthusiasm. This cannot be done by one person or several politicians. We need everyone. Everyone with his knowledge, each what he or she is can contribute to building a more contemporary, democratic and European Macedonia. We deserve that after all the challenges that we went through” said Zaev in his message.

He also said that the Macedonian society has fought against an autocratic regime and now it is on the threshold of freedom European perspectives.