“Nikola Gruevski was greedy, took everything that he could. We saw that with the project “Skopje 2014”. The materials revealed that the man had no conscience or compassion. Today we will reveal another face of Nikola Gruevski. We will take down another mask.

The recordings will show you that, in order to stay in power, he is not interested in the national interest, laws, or his associates. You’ll see how he throws his party colleagues in the fire of coalition games. It is matter of the so-called “Hague cases” and strengthening the coalition,” said SDSM leader Zoran Zaev at today’s press conference.

Zaev said Gruevski personally bargained with Ahmeti for closing Hague cases. He wanted to protect himself and to transfer the entire procedure to the Assembly and the MPs, emphasized Zaev.

In the first conversation which Zaev announced today between Silvana Boneva and Nikola Gruevski, he asks “work to be done immediately and not wait for it.” Gruevski suggests it to completed within two or three days. He asks the interpretation of Hague cases to be completed and tells Boneva that she has to give a governmental opinion that would be “round, as well as edged.”

They agree that it should be “pushed” in the Assembly as soon as possible.

Gruevski tells her how to later preset it to the media. Boneva takes obligation to inform MPs to take their job seriously. He tells her how Ahmeti said that Albanian is head of the defense of Macedonia for the first time after Krushevo Republic.