It is very important that we are not deprived of our identity at home, not to be disenfranchised, said Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in an interview with Bulgarian TV BTV, while commenting on talks on the name dispute with Greece.

During which, the question of which name is most acceptable did not receive a direct response, but he stressed that it must be looked at realistically and that Macedonia is much larger than today’s Republic of Macedonia, that is, today’s Macedonian state occupies only the upper, northern, Vardar part of Macedonia, and then you have the Pirin part which is part of Bulgaria, and one part which is in Greece.

“We recognize the part of the historical Macedonia that is in Bulgaria, we recognize it as Bulgarian, and there is no dilemma here. We call it the Pirin part, because Pirin is the biggest mountain, but there are citizens of Bulgaria, some of whom feel like Macedonians, and that is their right. We have no problem with that”, said Zaev.

He says the current government has no intention of giving up on a solution to the name dispute with Greece and says that if no solution is found now, there will be more attempts to do so in three, six months…