I’m not thinking about early parliamentary elections because the local elections are still happening, and our priority is for them to end completely in a regular and proper manner, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev at today’s joint press conference with the President of the Councils of Ministers of Bosnia and Hercegovina, Denis Zvizdic.

-The results from the local elections provide me with additional courage for making decisions including the solution of the name dispute. Macedonia has serious decisions to make ahead and they should be made in a transparent and inclusive manner, including the decisions concerning the problem that Greece has with our constitutional name – said Zaev.

Regarding the name dispute, he reminded that he has summoned the mediator, Matthew Nimetz in November, after the elections to come out with new suggestions, ideas, and potential solutions.

-I would call upon the opposition to participate regarding this issue, but only to find a solution and not its delay, because we really want Macedonia to become the 30th member of NATO and because it is important for the decisions that EU will make next spring – said Zaev.

He also said that he is encouraged by the improvement in the relations with Athens in the period after the forming of the new government.