I follow closely and also where the criticism comes from. They come from those with ambitions for positions, but also from the people’s high expectations. I always try to take into account those who are constructive and those who are argumentative, in order to correct policies and actions, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in an interview with MIA.

Zaev went on to say that he had a clear picture regarding the recently announced reconstruction and personnel clearance plan.

“I’m preparing the final consultations. The dismissals should immediately be followed by new appointments. It’s quiet logical to me that if results can not be delivered, a dismissal or resignation should follow”, Zaev said.

When asked if this clearance would be acceptable to the largest coalition partner, as there are many making remarks referring to this issue, the prime minister said that DUI proposed people who were not part in the previous government.

“I do not see people in the Government as people from SDSM, as people who came from the professional sphere, from the civil sector or from any other party. I see them as people who need to deliver results. An additional criteria for me is how much of their work is visible in effecting change from the policies of the previous government, meaning, whether the work of the institution has changed for the better. Citizens have changed the government and it is logical to expect concrete, visible changes in the institutions. The question is whether we have delivered at least some of our promises, from the program that we have offered. The holders of public office must deliver results that improve the lives of citizens. Within that framework, considerations and decisions about the changes that will follow may alter.

Also in the same interview with MIA, Zaev stated that there will be no diplomatic bulldozers between Macedonia and Greece, because a solution is worth the sacrifice of a political career, before he announced a meeting with his Greek counterpart Tsipras.

“When you hear the announcement of a meeting between Zaev and Tsipras, you should know that we are here with dignified and serious solutions in the interest of the state”, the prime minister said.