Zaev: Next year we will celebrate Independence Day with true freedom


SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, accompanied by his party delegation celebrated Independence Day at Three Pears. In his speech he told citizens that he had visited Kiro Gligorov, at the first Macedonian President’s grave and quoted from his speech he had given when Macedonia became Independent in 1991.

Independence Day was celebrated with the citizens in the area of ​​Three Pears. Zaev told the audience that the delegation had visited the tomb of Kiro Gligorov before they quoted the first Macedonian President’s speech on the day independence was declared. The President of the opposition told citizens that out of the 10 of the 24 years of independence, Macedonia can’t really say it has had democracy or freedom.

“A snake has embedded itself within our institutions, and it is our duty as respected citizens to force it out. To restore democracy and freedom in our country. The regime, is a hybrid regime which was imposed on our country and it must come to an end. So next year on September the 8th we will await a feast of  independence in our country with real freedom”, said Zaev to citizens at ​​Three Pears.

He said that the ‘fight we started together, continues.’ The next coming months are extremely important for Mr Zaev.

“We managed to agree in Przino certain values ​​whose implementation, we believe the country  will go back to normal step by step, and our institutions will become democratic. It is in itself a significant period up to election day. We know that we had to fight to get a transitional government. In the provisional government which will start on the 20th of October, our ultimate goal is to return democratic institutions, and we have to be on guard, so their is no repeat of the criminal activities from the last elections. Despite have a transitional government we will await the day after New Year for the Prime Minister to resign, to leave and never to return”, said the opposition leader.

Mr. Zaev said the with the departure of the Prime Minister, MRTV should become independent, and the Agency for Audiovisual Services will supervise the media outlets with national concessions and who are privately owned.

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