“These resignations are not the ultimate goal. We also expect Gruevski’s resignation. We expect resignations to continue in the occupied institutions, but in DUI as well. This government has no legitimacy to elect new ministers. Considering the overall situation in the country, we are today present new evidence closely and with dedication: how the coalition between VMRO-DPMNE and DUI functioned, how tenders worth millions were rigged and who is behind the purchase of “Mercedes” in MOI. Who ordered it and for what purpose,” said SDSM leader Zoran Zaev at today’s press conference.

In the presented conversations, Musa Xhaferi talks to Sasho Mijalkov about some computers that were in Skopje. Xhaferi asks whether the man can take those computers or not. Mijalkov explains that he can take the computers the following day, because some documents have to be prepared. In their second conversation, they talk about how an investigative judge in Kichevo, a Macedonian, was bribed and did not want to issue an order. He should have issued an order for expertise, which he didn’t want issue. Mijalkov, however, tells him that “matter will be completed in few hours”.

Gordana Jankuloska and Nikola Todorov discuss about a project for reconstruction of hospitals. Todorov tells her that the prices are inflated, explains that it was done, for example, with lights that are “registered” for more than necessary. He tells her that “the project is 400,000 euros overdue.”

Vlatko Chingovski and Kiril Bozhinovski talk in code about three cases that need to be distributed. They also talk about the offer and who can guarantee that there will be a lowest offer. Bozhinovski inform him that perhaps others would not be satisfied by sharing one-third. They are also talking about the specifications that should be included in the offer. They explain how many machines and what else should the company that will make the bid have.

In the next conversation, Bozinovski says that he has spoken with the “Spaniard” and the “fat guy”. He explains Vlatko Chingovski that he meets the requirements, except for a problem with the trucks, but it would be sorted out.

In the following conversation between the two of them, they discuss about the tenders and the man who should do the job. They agreed to meet. They talk about “materials” (talk in codes and first letters). They agree where they should be taken.

Janakieski and Jankuloska talk about jet flights for the diaspora. Jankuloska asks who pays, to what Janakieski answers that the payment is made by some companies like “Granit”, “Beton”, “Tinex”…

Jankuloska and Gruevski discuss prospects for the car with initial letter “m”. She asks for the prospectus in order to sort things out. Gruevski tells her that it “should be full” and “to be a screen in the back.” He tells her to start the procedure and get it done. Jankuloska said that the auction is electronic and that they have to be careful because someone may “intrude”. In the next conversation, Gruevski tells her that the vehicle will be used only when there are no journalists, and after 2013 local elections, they will find a way to present it to the public.

Jankuloska and Mijalkov talk about the “Mercedes”. Mijalkov asks how is it, where is it from. Jankuloska explained that it was in the garage of the Prime Minister. She explains that “Mercedes” told her that there is no such car in Southeast Europe, adding that it had “surround system”, massagers, air-conditioning for each seat…Jankuloska explains that it costs 575 or 580 (referring to thousands of euros).

Gruevski asks Janakieski about the buses. He tells him to take them to the garage, to wash them, shine them and then park all 15 buses in Gjorche. Then he says when he rides the bus, cameramen to come and the buses to run half a day around Skopje.

Gruevski, said Zaev, acquired property of the party worth more than 1.6 million euros.

When asked at the end of the press conference, Zaev said they won’t return to the Assembly.

– This parliamentary composition is illegitimate. The opposition will return to the Assembly after the resignation of Nikola Gruevski in order for a technical government to be formed – emphasized SDSM leader.