Nikola Gruevski’s regime mustn’t form a government, as was said by the leader of SDSM, Zoran Zaev at the press conference held his afternoon and he called the parties which candidates received mandates not to coalition with VMRO-DPMNE in order to form a new government.

-We defeated the regime with a pencil and a vote. The regime must not form a new government. I call upon all parties that have received a mandate from the citizens, except for VMRO-DPMNE, not to think of abolishing the will of the majority of citizens. Gruevski must not form a new government of the Republic of Macedonia – said Zaev. He stressed that SDSM has the majority of votes in the election district 6 by what has been published so far and has called upon the people to wait for the final results issued by the State Election Commission.

–There are differences in the results from the polling stations and the ones that were published by SEC. SDSM has more votes in the 6th election district and the seat ratio with VMRO-DPMNE is 50/50 – as was stressed by Zaev.

He said due to the stated irregularities regarding which they have reported to the observers, SDSM will file a complaint at SEC, by which, as he pointed out, the true number of won MP seats at the Assembly will be shown at the SEC’s final results.

-Independently from the vote count, the citizens have stated their attitude that in Macedonia there is no place for politicians like Gruevski but a legal and righteous state, and that will happen. The opposition’s legal sector has prepared the information about the problematic conditions and the complaints will be filed to the SEC this evening by 19:00 pm which is the final deadline. I expect that the SEC will act transparently regarding these complaints – said Zaev.

When asked if Gruevski doesn’t form a new government, who will be the prime minister, Zaev said that the answer to that question is obvious, alluding to himself.

– I said that Gruevski mustn’t form a new government. If Gruevski doesn’t form the government, everyone knows who will form the new government – as was stressed by Zaev.