In the following conversations, according to Zaev, Jankuloska talks to Veljanoski about what needs to be given to the Albanians. She complains that they gave too much to the Albanians and that she had trouble sleeping for two days because of it.

Jankuloska talks to Gruevski’s adviser Biljana Brishkovska-Boshkovski. She explains the Minister for authentic interpretation and how it would take place in the courts. Jankuloska said that the government should give an opinion “which does not mean anything, but just to have it.”

Minister insists that opinion to be incomprehensible.

Biljana Brishkovska informs Jankuloska for how it is agreed with Gruevski. She explains that another sentence must be added. Jankuloska explained that it should be a neutral text.

Jankuloska agrees with Veljanoski on laws that have been submitted to the Assembly. Veljanoski complains that there are a lot of problems. Jankuloska said that because they are giving to the Albanians, they will have to do it even if they do not want to. Jankuloska and Veljanovski said that it is cleared with one “Indians”, and it should also be settled with “our Indians” as well.

Jankuloska discuss Ilija Dimovski that there is no quorum in the Assembly. He asks if he can come.
Stavreski tells Jankulovska that Boneva phoned him and demanded a quorum with yelling. He justified that he cannot come. Stavreski is angry and tell her to call Peshevski. Asks where the MPs are. He tells that Peshevski is making a second network. Stavreski complains to her that he works too much and that “others should run” in the Assembly.
Stavreski said that Peshevski probably won’t come as he is “on a beach in Greece.” Jankuloska tells him that Gruevski is also there.

Stavreski responds that they will again be there, but others won’t.

At the end of the press conference, Zaev showed a list of those who voted and that established that Stavreski didn’t appear at the parliamentary session, and that Jankuloska was present, but didn’t vote.

Zaev said their parliamentary group was against this law and the authentic interpretation of Hague cases.
Asked whether they will publish something for the case near Smiljkovo Lake on Holy Thursday, Zaev said they won’t publish anything during the Easter holidays.

When asked, SDSM leader said that Gruevski is drowning and trying to grab at a straw. Regarding the employment projects of the Government, Zaev noted that all previously refused are now accepted overnight.

– This is just further proof that the end is near – said Zaev.

Regarding the statement “Puch” Zaev said he did not want to comment on the evidence.
– There is no evidence of violence. Literally, this is an attempt at a chance for dialogue. You cannot force someone to create a technical government. As it was ridiculous from the start, the evidence proved it to end. They want to pin espionage with a letter written and never published from “New York Times” – said Zaev.

SDSM leader said he would not comment on the negotiations in Brussels.
– Our views are clear. We give a chance to the negotiation process – concluded Zaev.