Zoran Zaev

The sureness in these evidence and arguments which confirm that there is no freedom and democracy in Macedonia, no free will of the citizens during elections, is so strong, it certainly gives us the right to put our political credibility as politicians at stake, said SDSM leader Zoran Zaev at last night’s debate in Kriva Palanka.
– Some people say: “Zaev, you put your political credibility at stake, so if you fail, you would have to leave.” But no, I put everything that I have at stake, as well as these people around me as leaders of parties and municipal organizations… This won’t stop until we make Gruevski to step down! That how strongly is our belief in these evidence and arguments! Regardless if negotiations between the government and opposition are scheduled, nobody has the right to hide the truth from the citizens. Regardless if negotiations with the Government are scheduled, we will do everything to make the Government resign. We are and always will be different from them. We exist for Macedonia – said Zoran Zaev.
He reiterated that when they announce the evidence, Gruevski will have to resign within three days, but, unfortunately, he added, “our head will remain bowed as well”.