At the session of the Committee, regarding European Affairs, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that after the decision to start the negotiations for membership in the European Union, he will immediately begin to prepare the negotiating structure.

Zaev stressed that they were delighted with the European Commission’s recommendation, but at the same time they are continuing the “European dynamics”. The Prime Minister said that the Government was preparing the “18” plan, and will work with all political parties.

“After the adoption regarding the decisions for negotiations in June, we will prepare the negotiators. With this step, we will demonstrate our seriousness. We will need the best people from the institutions. We need to bear in mind that EU membership will open up the biggest topics, such as judicial reform, rule of law, human rights, and so on. A reformed state system will help us to get to the European political systems. We roll out our sleeves, there is lots of work to be done”, Zaev said .

Macedonia received a positive and unconditional recommendation in the Progress Report, but the final decision regarding the date for negotiations should be decided by the European Council in June.