Prime Minister Zoran Zaev’s statement in the Montenegrin media is based on the experiences of the region and the reactions of the Russian Federation when other countries from the region want to join NATO, stated the government after yesterday’s reactions from Moscow concerning Zaev’s statements in an interview with the Montenegrin radio “Antenna M “.

“In the interview with the Montenegrin media, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev does not at any time suggest that the liquidation threats have any relation with the Russian Federation. The Government of the Republic of Macedonia remains fully committed to the realization of our Euro-Atlantic aspirations and sees no clash of those efforts with the determination to maintain good relations with the Russian Federation”, read the statement.

It states that the strategic determination and interest of Macedonia is membership in the NATO Alliance and the European Union, and at the same time the Government of the Republic of Macedonia is seriously committed to building friendly relations and cooperation with the Russian Federation on a principled democratic level.