Zaev: Banks should consider today whether to give money to VMRO-DPMNE for their personal interests


From November the 11th, the current composition of staff at the State Election Commission (SEC), have been working despite the fact that their mandate has expired, made a scandalous decision for their own political interest on the account of the citizens ,said the leader of the opposition SDSM, Zoran Zaev accusingly at a press conference.

He said the SDSM will not allow such political decisions that are detrimental to the citizens, and to be used for electoral fraud.

SDSM urges all banks before today’s scheduled auction to be guided by national interest and the interest of the Macedonian people.

“As the biggest creditors, banks must keep in mind that all auctions of Government securities that do not have consent from the additional Deputy Minister of Finance, will be subjected to further legal review, in terms of their legal treatment as public debt. Any borrowing, greater than the amount necessary to recover the outstanding debts in respect of securities in the next scheduled auctions, SDSM will treat it as a possibility for embezzlement of electoral fraud, personally organised by Nikola Gruevski. We will not neglect the interest of the citizens, or allow VMRO-DPMNE to use their money. How is it that 24 hours before the election of the new composition of the SEC, such a decision was adopted? We once have used our legal right to veto when the Government wanted to borrow more from the International Institutions. How can the same right not be respected when it comes to borrowing from domestic banks?” Said Zaev.

He said the party’s legal teams are already working on the case, which they say, will not go unpunished.

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