Zaev-Baily: We expect Ivanov to act in accordance with the Constitution and to award the mandate


Democratic processes are necessary to to proceed with the formation of a new government which will ensure stability in the country and perspectives for Macedonia towards NATO and the European Union. Today’s meeting was jointly concluded by the leader of SDSM, Zoran Zaev, and US Ambassador to Macedonia, Jess Baily, announced SDSM.

“The parliamentary majority after the election of the new Parliament Speaker, are taking the following steps in accordance with the Rules and Regulations, the Constitution and the laws in the process of forming a new government reform. We expect Ivanov to act accordingly to his constitutional duties and award us the mandate”, said Zaev at the meeting.
The SDSM leader added that the party is committed to fulfill all obligations towards the citizens for economic stability and development.

“The new government will implement the necessary reforms and provide for all citizens, regardless of their political, ethnic or any other affiliation, and secure the future in a fair unitary Republic of Macedonia. The future of Macedonia, NATO and the European Union and we are determined to work with the values that lead to integration”, emphasized Zaev.

At the meeting between Zaev and Baily, they once again condemned the violence in the Parliament and pointed out that all political parties must be at the level of responsibility and allow a peaceful transfer of power and protect civil and public interests.

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