Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has written to the prime ministers of EU member states, urging them to support a decision to start Macedonia’s accession talks with the EU as a long-deserved decision, stated the government.

In his letter he informed them about the Agreement for resolving the name dispute and establishing a strategic partnership between Macedonia and Greece, and he noted that it has already been ratified in Parliament and that a referendum will be held in autumn, after which the procedure for constitutional changes will start.

“To ensure the realization of the agreement and its potential benefits for both countries, for the region of Southeast Europe and for Europe as a whole, the political support of EU Member States is of tremendous importance, in order to confirm with concrete measures the strategic vision for the European future of my country and the entire region”, said Zaev, urging the European Council to give thir support for the start of the negotiations.

“Such a decision will give recognition to the evident reform processes and will facilitate the further deepening of the reform impulse. In addition, such a decision will have a decisive contribution to the creation of a necessary positive climate for the successful completion of each of the steps provided for in the Agreement, in order to implement the delicately balanced compromise to resolve the long-standing and complex dispute”, said Zaev in the letter.