In an interview with “Prism“, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced possible changes to staff across the state institutions in the spring, and a “recapitulatory” after ten months of the election of the government, and as he says, it can cause its reconstruction.

“What means failure in the management of an institution, can not be the reflection of the institution itself. Personnel changes will follow. I do not want anyone to lose any opportunities. If not first place, it may be for the second, third or fourth … There is a huge part who want to prove themselves, but do not know how. There are the new generations to come, and most of them are probably studying part time. There is a part that has the knowledge and work hard. Then there is a part that neither has the knowledge or works hard. The recapitulatory will take place ten months after the start of the Government, in the spring, and we will thank all those who are working now. We do not have much time, and citizens are waiting for results. The recapitulatory can cause a reconstruction. There may be a change of directors, but also a changes of ministers and state secretaries..”, said Zaev in the interview.