During today’s press conference at the Government, when asked by the journalists about the current development of the events regarding the Racket case, the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that he didn’t want to comment in details about the case as an investigation was opened against a high ranking officer but he explained that there will be sanctions.

Zaev said that he found out from the journalists that this person is MP and Vice President of the Parliament Frosina Tashevska – Remenski.

-I received information that there will be an announcement and to whom it referred to I actually heard from you. Our stance is that anytime a person is a suspect or charges were pressed against it, to be sanctioned until this person proves his/her innocence. Before we read what is this person suspected of, we should honor the equal treatment in front of the law – said the prime minister.

The Basic Public Prosecution for Organized Crime and Corruption announced today that an investigation was started for other four people linked to Bojan Jovanovski’s International Alliance that are charged with fraud, money laundering and assisting in these acts.

“One of the suspects as an official, along with the prime suspect was present during the meetings organized by the prime suspect and it has used its authority and reputation and the damaged parties have gained an impression that the authorities are behind these offered projects” informed the Prosecution. The racket case has expanded to five more persons and Bojan Jovanovski’s International Alliance.