Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and the former Head of the Administration for Security and Counter Intelligence, Zoran Verushevski, are going to appear and give statements at the Special Public Prosecution regarding the “Target” case, confirmed the SPO for Meta.

According to information, Zaev and Verushevski are going to arrive at the SPO at 14.30 pm, as they received a notification from the prosecution.

The “target” case refers to the illegal wiretapping i.e. the people that were intercepting the calls, upon whose orders and how many people were targeted for an illegal wiretapping.

On the 18th of November, during a presentation of this case by SPO, it was revealed that 5.817 telephone numbers were illegally wiretapped by the Administration for Security and Counter Intelligence (UBK) through its systems for monitoring communication systems in the period between 2008 – 2015.

For 10 former and current employees at UBK, that had managerial positions or were part of lower echelons, there is a reasonable doubt that they were using their position and were wiretapping illegally.