The President of the Republic of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov, held an urgent meeting with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski, in his cabinet last night.

The topic of discussion, as announced by the president’s cabinet, were the current events and possible solutions for a way out from the current state of tension in the country.

“The purpose of the meeting was to encourage reconciliation and the normalization of the political process in the Republic of Macedonia. The participants at the meeting agreed that the talks will continue in the future, “Ivanov’s cabinet said.

The meeting comes after the Ministry of Interior, by the order of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, yesterday detained 36 people for the violence that occurred in Parliament on April 27th. All 36 people are being charged with endangering the constitutional order and security. Police arrested 24 people, including MPs Krsto Mukoski, Johan Tarculovski, Žaklina Peshevska, Ljuben Arnaudov, Sašo Vasilevski and Ljupco Dimovski, and former director of the Public Security Bureau and former Interior Minister, Mitko Chavkov, as well as some of the organizers the initiative “For a United Macedonia”, Vlado Jovanovski, Boris Damovski, Igor Durlovski and Bogdan Ilievski. There is also a warrant for arrest for another 12 people but authorities are still searching.

The prosecution has asked the court to impose a measure of detention for the 36 in custody. So far, Chavkov, Durlovski, Jovanovski and Pepić have received 30-day detention measures while MPs Žaklina Peshevska and Krsto Mukoski have been placed under house arrest.