Over the weekend, based on changes and amendments to the Law on Asylum, Ministry of Interior has issued certificates for 1,209 expressed intentions of applying for asylum in the Republic of Macedonia by foreign nationals who illegally entered our territory.

In the period from June 19 to July 6, 2015 at 8 am, MOI announced today, certificates of total 8,595 foreigners, of whom 6,688 are male, 1,081 are women, 790 are children who accompany the holder of the certificate, and another 36 children who have been issued a certificate of expressed intention to submit a request for recognition of the right to asylum were issued.

According to the citizenship of people who have been issued certificates, the most numerous are the citizens of Syria – 5,911, then 743 from Afghanistan, Iraq – 485, Pakistan – 366, 268 from Somalia, Congo – 238, 221 from Palestine, while others are less.

Ministry of Interior announced that 13 requests for asylum by Syrian nationals, of whom four were children, were submitted to the Asylum Department.