Young people from countries in the Western Balkans, have a negative attitude towards immigrants, even though most of them have never come into contact with an immigrant.

The main reason for the youth’s negative attitude towards immigrants is the negative perception of the religion of Islam.

This was shown by research, and a survey on the perception and the attitudes of young people on topics such as Islamophobia and radicalization. The survey was conducted online from late July to mid-September, on a sample of 1,152 young people from Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and four EU countries – Belgium, Italy, Hungary and Germany.

According to results from the research, Islamophobia among the youth, in total, on a scale of 1 to 5, is 2.75.

Young people from the Western Balkans, however, are less Islamophobic than their peers from Europe. The level of Islamophobia among young people in the Western Balkans is 2.5, while among young people from European countries, the number stands at 2.9.