The young doctors and students are warning: we are demotivated by nepotism and low wages.

The doctors are fleeing the country not only because of the low wages but also from discouraging conditions that we come across to during the studies, complain the medical students who, starting from today are part of the week of the medical students, that is organised by Young Doctors’ Club.

The problem is that the best student does not always get the best marks, and what discourages additionally is that children of professors pass easily and there are political connections. There is no space for us, regardless how much we try – says Sonja Grazdani, a 6th year student.

Dr. Nikola Brzanov, a president of the Young Doctors’ Club, at the opening of the Week of medicine students said that what is worry some is the information that 1200 doctors have left the country in a period of 7 years.

– The Young Doctors’ Club is attempting to invite the youngster in the creation of new health policies. The point is that we are a constructive partner n the changes. We are fighting against nepotism and for a more just society – said Brzanov.