Yesterday the Ministry of Interior (MOI) issued certificates which expressed intention to seek asylum of a total of 1.794 migrants. Of these, as announced by the Ministry, most of the citizens are from Afghanistan a total of 958, from Syria 524 people were registered and 312 migrants from Iraq.

Last week, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia closed their borders to economic migrants from other countries and now only allow the flow of refugees to move if they are fleeing war or crisis hot spots, such as Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Since June the 19th, when the registration of migrants and issuing of certificates began, yesterday, according to the Ministry of Interior, a total 279,914 migrants and refugees have transited through the country.

According to the citizenship of people who were issued certificates, the most in numbers are the citizens from Syria (168 996), followed by Afghanistan (64,806), Iraq (24,679), Iran (6231), Pakistan (5416), Palestine (2158), Somalia (1,276 ), Bangladesh (1253), Morocco (1311), Congo (514), Lebanon (434), Algeria (453), Nigeria (277) and a smaller number from other countries.

MOI made a public announcement yesterday that the Department for Asylum had four new applications for asylum in the country, bringing the total number of migrants who have requested to stay in the country from June 19 until today, a total of 80 people.