Former MP Xhezair Shaqiri, has been hired part-time as an outside adviser in the area of ​​internal security and the fight against radicalism, for the needs of the office of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, confirmed the government this morning.

After two days of silence, the government finally confirmed that the former NLA (National Liberation Army) commander has been hired to advise Zaev.

Shaqiri has been hired part-time and will be on a one year contract and will receive a wage of 36,000 MKD per month, according to a government’s announcement.

“Who blocked the Albanian parties for ten years from visiting me in Tanusevci? For ten months, the only politicians who visited here in Skopje and showed me gratitude are Vesel Memedi and Gilimzere Kasapi. Why shouId be guilty because Zaev is wiser than our politicians and took me down from the mountain to give me some sort of position in the government. Who stopped the Albanian parties from leaving me for 10 years, or why is that the Albanian parties who were in power or are in power now did not take Zaev’s banner and marketing and make it their own”, wrote Shaqiri on Facebook.