Xhaferi: Deal with Greece to be in Official Gazette following referendum along with Law on Languages


The official start of campaigning for the referendum will begin on 10th of September, and all those who want to participate in the campaign will do so, in whatever context they choose, whether they will support or boycott it, or call to vote against it, it depends on them, said Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi at today’s press briefing.

According to Xhaferi, the publication in the Official Gazette regarding the Law on the Ratification of the Agreement with Greece, which President Gjorge Ivanov refuses to sign, will take place after the referendum and it should be included in a package with the Law on Languages.

“Bearing in mind all the circumstances, I consider that the most suitable time for publishing the Law on the Ratification regarding the Agreement with Greece in the Official Gazette, should be after the general public expresses itself via the referendum, because in some kind of context the entire success of the agreement depends on the public’s decision in the referendum. If one law is published another one will follow the other, the laws can not be published differently when the basis is the same and that is, the not signing the laws by President Gjorge Ivanov”, Xhaferi pointed out.

Xhaferi did not want to comment on any hypothetical questions concerning what would happen if the referendum fails or if most of the public vote “against”, but stressed that it is least necessary to have early parliamentary elections.

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