With the announced reform, Spasovski will hand down a part of his authorizations to Nikolovski


With the announced reform of the security-intelligence system in Macedonia, a big part of the authorizations that the Minister of Interior (currently that is Oliver Spasovski) has had will be handed over to the Director of the newly formed Agency for internal intelligence which founding has contributed to the abolishing the Administration for Security and Counter-Intelligence (whose current director is Goran Nikolovski).

The National Registry of Regulations of Republic of Macedonia has published several draft laws that refer to this reform among which are the Law for the Agency for Internal Intelligence, the draft law for amending the Law for monitoring of communications, the draft law for changing the Law of internal affairs and the draft law for changing the Law for foreigners.

According to the proposed regulations, the newly stated Agency for Internal Intelligence should start working from June 2019, and it is founded due to the protection of the country’s national security, the independence, the sovereignty, the constitutional order, the basic freedom and human rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia including other matters that are of interest of the country’s national security.”

The agency will be founded as an autonomous organ of the state administration with the status of a legal entity. It is planned that the Agency director will be named and discharged by the government on the proposal of the President of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

The director’s mandate will be 5 years with the right to be re-elected for another mandate. The government of the Republic of Macedonia will appoint the director in the period between 20th of May and 1st of June 2019.

With the changes made in the law for monitoring of communications the authorizations that are under the Minister of Interior and refer to the request for issuing an order for implementation of the measures for monitoring of communications that refer to protecting the interests of safety and defense of the state are transferring to the Director of the Agency for Internal Intelligence.

According to the draft law for changing the Law for foreigners, the Ministry of Interior, after a submitted request for issuing a visa will be providing a previous approval from the Agency for Internal Intelligence for cases where there is a suspicion that the foreigner represents a danger for the public order and the national security of the Republic of Macedonia.

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