With 5 votes “for”, the Committee proposes that Gruevski’s mandate to be abolished


With 5 votes “for” the Committee on rules of procedure, mandate and immunity affairs, decided to propose the Parliament to abolish the MP mandate to Nikola Gruevski. The decision should be decided by the Parliament at a plenary session with a two-third majority.

Gruevski didn’t appear at the session even though the Committee’s president, Pavle Bogoevski said that he was invited at the session where the only item on the agenda was the notification of judge Dobrila Kacarska about the verdict with the two year sentence against him in the SPO led case named as “Tank”.

The former president of the Parliament, Trajko Veljanoski accused that a politically motivated process is led against Gruevski. Veljanoski said that VMRO-DPMNE’s MP group will vote against, after which the members of this group left the committee.

SDSM’s Aleksandar Kiracovski said that no one should hide behind the MP mandate to avoid responsibility.

Sasho Vasilevski, who is part of the independent group of MPs, to whom the same Committee abolished his immunity last December because of the happenings on the 27th of April, said that the 8 MPs will be against the abolishment of the mandate in the spirit of the recently formed body of reconciliation.

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