WHO refutes claims that North Macedonia has the highest COVID-19 death rate in the region


The claim that North Macedonia has the highest death rate in the region is not correct. I know that North Macedonia is among the countries that are most transparent in sharing national numbers and statistics, said Jihane Tawilah, a representative of the World Health Organization in Macedonia for the Telma TV’s show “Code”.

“We should be very careful when we compare countries because of the potential differences in the ways the data is collected, and what we know is that the data can only be interpreted and understood in a local context. As a result, there will always be limitations when making comparisons and there won’t be the same data consistency about the death cases between the countries” stressed Tawilah.

She explained that the testing strategies vary in all countries, further explaining that by increasing the number of tests, the number of newly infected persons with COVID-19 will increase as well.

Tawilah stressed that North Macedonia in one of the countries that are conducting post-mortem coronavirus test.

„Северна Македонија е меѓу земјите која е најтранспарентна во споделување на бројките и статистиките. Изјавата дека…

Gepostet von Венко Филипче am Dienstag, 23. Juni 2020


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