Nikola Gruevski, President of the VMRO-DMPNE party has now not been seen in public for four days, the last sighting was on Friday (February 19 2016) when he met with businessmen at the Federation of the Chambers of Commerce.

Also attending the same meeting along with Gruevski were Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Stavreski, Vladimir Peshevski, the Minister for Transport and Communications, Vlado Misajlovski and the Deputy Agriculture Minister Vanco Kostadinovski.

After all the official speeches were completed Gruevski remained for further discussion with the party of businessmen behind closed doors. This was last time Gruevski was photographed in public.

Gruevski’s absence this weekend was particularly unusual, as the ruling party regularly have a list of governmental and party political promotions.

Including today there has been no trace of Gruevski, not even in attendance for the engagements to promote government projects. One example, Gruevski missed a presentation for Social Housing yesterday ( 22nd February 2016) in Resen.

In yesterday’s news on TV “Sitel” Nikola Todorov, the Health Minister and a member of the Executive Committee of the party was a guest on the television, but not at one point did he mention the name of the parties President.

As for the answer to the question of Gruevski’s whereabouts, it was unforthcoming even after numerous phone inquiries, over two days, to both the VMRO-DPMNE’s Director of the Centre for Communications, Ivo Kotevski and Ilija Dimovski, MP and member of the party’s Executive Committee, there was no response.

The current mystery is contrary to January 24th of this year, when, at the annual conference of the Women of the VMRO-DPMNE held at the “Jane Sandanski” Hall in Skopje, when Gruevski issued, what some considered a “threat”, when he stated that ” Like it or not, we will be seeing more of him among the people”.

“Whether you like it or not, you will be seeing more of me among the people, the farmers, students, pensioners, amongst all those who I have never turned my back on and have never forgotten when they endured hard times and who in turn did not forget me when I had my own hard times.” is what Gruevski said then.