Kindergartens, elementary schools, secondary schools and colleges in Macedonia will not open and will not continue with their regular education programs. But, that doesn’t mean that the educational process has to be stopped. It will only hinder youngsters’ knowledge, said the Minister of Education and Science Arber Ademi during today’s press conference. He didn’t say precise how will the pupils and students be evaluated, and announced that starting from today a so-called e-classroom will be put into use, for which the country will rely on Croatia’s expertise and experience.

-Free digital platforms and applications for studying at home are already applied. Additionally, there is a so-called TV classroom that is broadcasted at MRTV. For pupils from 1st to 9th grade, each lesson lasts for 15 minutes. For children at pre-school age there are stories that are in accordance with the age. The last measure that we adopted was the learning from home with the use of electronic communication assets.Each institution will decide what assets it will use whether platforms or e-mail. The teachers will teach, test and check the pupils’ knowledge. The universities are already applying online teaching – said Ademi.

The latest news is the introduction of the first national platform for online teaching.

it’s a web platform for an e-classorm that will be available starting from tomorrow. It is already applied in Croatia. Here is the link:–said Ademi.