What the Greek prime minister will say regarding the name issue in TIF next weekend


A clear declaration and a support of Prespes agreement the Greek prime minister is going to deliver next Saturday at his key note speech during the International Fair in Thessaloniki (TIF)
Alexis Tsipras, according to Greek government sources will say that the ratification of the aggrement will solve the decades old name row and even thought the negotiations were difficult, at the same time they were necessary.

“ We act with sense of responsibility and patriotism in the name issue and we have a strong belief that next year the Prespes agreement will be implemented ” Alexis Tsipras will say sending at the same time a message to the opposition, Nea Dimokratia that if they will not ratify the agreement, they will send a negative message to the international community.

Meanwhile the US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Payatt welcomed the name deal for unleashing regional economic potential as well as paving the country’s path to membership in NATO and the European Union.

In his recent statement, and as United States will be the honoured country in the International Fair in Thessaloniki this week, he said that Greece is a preferred partner in engaging with nations in the Western Balkans.

On 15 th of September, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, will also deliver his keynote speech in TIF , and among other issues he will develop his policy over the name issue and what New Democracy’s position will be when the Prespes agreement will have to be ratified in the Greek parliament.

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