“What elections? Are you joking?” – Ahmeti tells Vienna’s “Standard”


“What elections? Are you joking?” This was the reaction of the leader of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), Ali Ahmeti, when he answered the first question in an interview with the Austrian newspaper “Der Standard” about the elections.

The DUI’s response explains the parties position on meeting all the criteria, according to them, the credibility of the elections has to be recognized by all and the international community.

“We, the four parties decided to postpone elections from April to June 5. But now the opposition is slowing down the work of the State Election Commission. It won’t be good for the country to have elections, if the opposition do not participate. The SEC must decide about the justification of the opposition’s demands, which also should be commented on by international officials. Our country is is an chaotic situation, the government does not work it is being governed by expectation, “said Ahmeti to the “Der Standard “.

He said, “President Gjorge Ivanov”, who was not elected by the Albanians originally questioned his ability to function, he really needs to withdraw the decision to pardon all those people, said Ahemti, and added that it is unacceptable and contrary to the laws of the country.

“The solution would be to restart political dialogue here in the country. The state should not descend into an even deeper crisis. Of course, the meeting should be mediated by EU ambassadors and the US, and it would be better if it was done as soon as possible. If there is no meeting to overcome the crisis, it will be difficult, “replied Ahmeti when asked whether the four parties would convened again if Ivanov revoked his decision.

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