Holding elections does not mean that necessary reform process in Macedonia has ended, these were the categorical statements by representatives of the international community, which were directly or indirectly involved in brokering the Pržino Agreement and its sequel reached on July 20 this year.

Mainly, what’s required is implement urgent reforms, the SPO can smoothly continue their work, all political parties to strictly respect the credibility of the electoral process, after the election to form a government that will work on key reforms in the interest of all citizens , fair, inclusive, and therefore credible elections, as well as the perseverance and willingness to implement its commitments under the Pržino Agreement.

Here is who said what, but also the obstacles and messages which will be sent out on the day after the election.

Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations:

“It is not just about elections, but urgent reforms need to be implemented. The elections are important because they bring an end to a certain period, but they will not put an end to the necessary reform process.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Foreign Minister:

“We must avoid further setbacks to the country’s path to the EU. It remains important that the Special Public Prosecutor can continue with her work”.

Federica Mogherini and Johannes Hahn said in a Joint statement:

“We call on all political parties to strictly observe a credible electoral process, to allow all citizens a free choice and, after the elections, to build a government that tackles crucial reforms and works for the interests of all citizens. In the same vein, all political forces must urgently reenergize their efforts to implement the rest of the political agreement, including the Urgent Reform Priorities”.

Slovakian Embassy, representative from the EU:

“Fair, inconclusive and with that credible elections are an important step in overcoming the political crisis. Perseverance and good will should be implemented with the Przino Agreement, including urgent reforms which are a condition for returning the country back on its path to Brussels”

MEPs Richard Howitt, Eduard Kukan and Ivo Vajgl:

“Credible elections, strengthening the rule of law and implementation of the reform priorities”.