Janeva: We discovered and retrieved 66.909 erased conversations


The Special Public Prosecutor, Katica Janeva, today published her third six-monthly report regarding SPO’s operations for the period starting from the 15th of September 2016 until 15th of March 2017. In Janeva’s report, it states that even in this period there were obstructions to the SPO’s work and problems in the cooperation with the judiciary and other institutions.

The Special Public Prosecutor expects progress in one part of the investigations that soon will result in filing charges.

According to the structure of the criminal acts which are in the report, most of them relate to a misuse of an official position and authorization with which a damage was caused to Republic of Macedonia’s budget.

In her report, Janeva states that during this period SPO has received a specialized IT forensic software solutions with which help 66.909 erased audio files were discovered and retrieved.

-With that, the total number of audio files increased to 606.555. On these files, as on the previous 540.646, and electronic evidence has been made which was transcribed onto 15.906 pages in an electronic form. During the process of evidencing it was determined that the timing of all audio files is 13.200 hours. The hard disc that is mentioned in the report wasn’t mentioned in the list of evidence for the case and after the analysis, SPO has determined that it had generated files from communication between two telephone numbers which goal was SDSM’s party leader, Zoran Zaev which was monitored without a court order.

Janeva’s report, announced by the SPO, was submitted today both at the Council of Public Prosecutors and the Parliament of Republic of Macedonia.

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