DUI’s spokesperson, Bujar Osmani said on the show “Top Tema” on Telma TV that they have adjusted with VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM about the use of Albanian language

– For the first time, we have no differences with VMRO-DPMNE or SDSM about the ethnicity issues. If so far the whole dilemma was centered on article 5 of the Constitution whether the use of Albanian language should be on a local level or on the level of the whole country, I’m telling you that we have no differences upon the ethnic issues. That is an important message that with both Macedonian parties we are at a phase where we have no differences. This is a great accomplishment in the Macedonian-Albanian relations that now has to be materialized” – said Osmani.

In the show, he said that during the negotiations with VMRO-DPMNE they weren’t able to agree on the issue that refers to the rule of law i.e. the Special Public Prosecutor and Pribe’s recommendations.

He also stressed that DUI will give its signatures after an agreement for a new government is reached.

-The whole process will be degraded if it is simplified only to the point of providing signatures. Signatures should not be provided declaratively. When an agreement for a government is reached, only then we shall give our signature. DUI will not allow simplification of the process by providing signatures – said Osmani

DUI’s spokesperson said that the procedure for authorizing the mandate for the new government can last indefinitely since at the moment there is no deadline until when the mandate signatures should be provided, and if there is a mandate then the deadline is only 20 days.