Speed Limit at 50 kilometres per hour has been held back for a year to come into force


The current speed limit in urban areas in the country will be reduced from 60 km to 50 km, which will come into focus by the public in the next few days, because of the new law on traffic safety on the roads. It is currently in parliamentary procedure and is expected in due time, to come into force.
Article 35 of the draft bill, for known or unknown reasons has taken a long time to process, states that “On a public road in a populated area, the driver of the vehicle is not permitted to exceed 50 kilometers per hour, unless assigned traffic signs state otherwise or a specific area of a town has a different speed limit.”
The law provides an exception, that a driver may move faster than 50 kilometres per hour, but no faster than 70 kilometres per hour if and only if the traffic and technical conditions allow it.
According to reports from parliamentary committees about these sentiments of the bill, there will be no amendments except for the paragraphs relating to penalties for non-compliance with speed limits.
The Ministry of Interior (MOI) in mid-November last year, was given a draft of the bill while the law was still in parliamentary procedure, and told “Meta” that the speed of vehicles in urban areas will be reduced from 60 to 50 km per hour. This change, will be one of largest in the new laws on traffic safety on the roads.

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