This morning in Skopje, Bitola, Tetovo and Kocani the air was hugely polluted and monitoring stations show concentrations of PM10 particles from 120 to 230 micro-grams per cubic meter.

In Skopje’s Centre the highest concentration was measured of 230 microgrooves of particles per cubic meter, in Lisiche- 215, in Tetovo – 200 and in Karposh – 170. Measuring stations in Rectorat and Miladinovtsi showed 150 micro-grams per cubic meter, while in Bitola and Kocani – 120 or to be exact 100 micro-grams per cubic meter.

The pollution concentrations that are higher in the afternoon than they are at night. Therefore, in Tetovo the maximum measured 553 micro-grams, while in Karposh – 400, in the Centre – 350, Lisice – 320, the Rectorat and Miladinovtsi 250, in Bitola – 200, and in Kocani – 144 micro-grams per cubic metre.